For all ages and all ideologies takes yoga to a new dimension realizing that there is more to the surrounding life around you than just stand on your head. It concerns philosophy, history, religion, science, languages, culture, creative  art, anti submission, politic, finance, law, censorship, literature, sex, worship, food, animal and nature love, environment,  sport, physical exercise, data knowledge, peace, contentment, individualism, and so much more. Our motto is: TO INFORM MAN IS NOT A BUSINESS BUT AN OBLIGATION. A non-informed person is an ignorant person, easily dominated and manipulated by rouges all around us. We follow Ditlieb Felderer's motto: None are as criminal as those who prevent you to believe, use you for a belief, or stop you from letting others know about your belief. That involves constant battle for the moment you believe you got freedom you have lost it. Freedom is an ongoing battle, a never ending search for truth and facts.
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